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Hillside Springs Farm, Inc. of Somers, Connecticut is the supplier of drinking water for Gavlak Enterprises    L.L.C. of Somers, Connecticut. Tanker trucks and natural springs are inspected and certified yearly by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. The natural spring water is tested weekly by the Connecticut Department of Health.

Gavlak Enterprises
    L.L.C. supplies southern New England States with bulk drinking water service.

The water comes from three natural flowing springs located on a mountain side in Somers, Connecticut with an average flow of three hundred gallons per minute year round. The spring water is certified in 47 other states which is available to various bottling companies.

Not only is the natural spring water provided for bottling, it is also trucked for emergency relief to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, community wells, home owners, and all other drinking needs. Storage tanks are also available for on site rental.

Filling a drinking water supply tank at a nursing home at a rate of 270 gpm with 30 feet of head pressure.

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